4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Consider Paying ERG Leaders

There’s one really strong reason why you should pay ERG Leaders

I’ve got even more reasons why you shouldn’t

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • Why paying ERG Leaders causes issues with other members
  • Why talking about paying ERG Leaders is misleading
  • The thing that all ERG Leaders really want and much more

Here’s some of what we discuss on the show:

ERG Leaders are doing voluntary work  

“ERG work is voluntary work

ERG work, is work but it is voluntary work

We can all agree that the nature of voluntary work is unpaid”

ERG Leaders aren’t motivated by money   

I can tell you from speaking with and working with ERG Leaders all over the world.

It’s one of the most inspirational experiences you can have in Diversity and Inclusion because the good ones are real and I mean real leaders”

ERG Leaders are being shortchanged   

“I just told you they don’t want money but what do they want?

What do the members want?

Because if they’re asking you for money it means in truth, you’re not giving them something else”


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