8 Symptoms of Groupthink You Need To Know

Groupthink is a word often used to justify why we need Diversity

Find out you can recognise Groupthink where you work.

Here’s some key messages from this episode:

– 8 Symptoms of Groupthink you need to know 

– How peer pressure drives Groupthink 

– An exercise for you to check for Group think in your team

Here’s some key takeaways from this episode:

Groupthink is a consensus-seeking tendency

Professor Janis was convinced that this tendency of close-knit groups can cause them to make inferior decisions.”

Groupthink easily occurs in tight knit groups 

“You’re likely to have group think in places where there is high group loyalty, a strong feeling of we” 

Groupthink is all about poor decision making 

“Groupthink is all about decision making. Actually group think is about poor decision making.”

In every episode you will find:

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– A challenge for you to consider

– An action for you to take


Here’s some resources so you can go deeper:  

Groupthink of Irving Janis

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