Blind Spot: Hidden Biases Of Good People [Book Review]

People talk about bias all the time

but it’s not always clear that they have a clear understanding of what it means

Today we’re talking about a book that does have a clear understanding of what it means

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re reviewing  Blind Spot: Hidden Biases Of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • The mindbugs we have and how they influence us
  • Why biases are useful in our lives
  • How to outsmart the mindbug and much more

Here’s some of what we share on the show:

We all have mindbugs that we’re not aware of

“The mindbugs, that we all have, they don’t get you to do bad things, but it’s a bug that get’s you to do good things for a limited number of people”

These mindbugs affect our decision making

“They provide explanations and practical examples of how we as humans have mind bugs that operate in our daily life, they linked it to evolutionary biology explaining why these mindbugs may have served us in the past and why we’re all susceptible to them in the present”

There are ways to outsmart the mindbug

“it did suggest ways to counter the mindbugs which included directly challenging the unwanted preferences that we may have”


Blind Spot: Hidden Biases Of Good People

Mahzarin Banaji

Anthony Greenwald

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