Managing Sexual Orientation At Work: Private Sector vs Public Sector Insights

It’s Pride Month.

Some People think it’s great. Some people think it’s tokenism.

Whatever you think managing Sexual Orientation in the workplace needs to be understood.


In this show we discuss several things including:

– How the Public Sector are pioneers in the Sexual Orientation space

– How profit influences Sexual Orientation procedures

– Some awkward questions about applying Sexual Orientation policies and much more


Here’s some key takeaways from this episode: 

Don’t ignore the public sector

“The author described the public sector as pioneering in this space. My tip is to pay attention to what they’re doing”

Individuals Vs. Institutions: Who gets the stronger response?

“working with unions and this tells me that institutions drive their agenda around Sexual orientation”

Consider where your policies don’t apply

“I’m not saying one is better than the other, that depends on the circumstances and values of your organisation. I do think you should have a clear perspective on it”

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In every episode of this show you will find: 

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– An action for you to take

Did you find them in this episode?

Putting these insights into practice makes all the difference.


Here are all the reports and resources mentioned in the show and more:

Equality, Diversity and Corporate Responsibility: Sexual Orientation and Diversity Management in the UK Private Sector By Dr Fiona Colgan

Use this for your own development

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