The Inversion Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

You know you want more diversity

You know you want more Inclusion

But what if you’re looking at this the wrong way round?

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re talking about why you’re approach to Diversity and Inclusion maybe back to front

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • Why your approach to Diversity & Inclusion may need to be reversed
  • A 3 Step process to clarify your Inclusion needs
  • An uncomfortable challenge that will change everything and much more

Here’s some of what we share on the show:

An Inversion Approach is a powerful way to clarify your Inclusion concerns

“Charlie Munger, who is a partner at Berkshire Hathaway; described as Warren buffet’s right hand man…. he and Warren Buffet are billionaire investors and Charlie Munger has popularized what’s described as inversion thinking, inverted thinking… or the inversion process”

An Inversion Approach by its nature will set you against the status quo

“It’s likely you will be discouraged; you may even be ostracized; you’ll be resisting the groupthink of a group of people who claim to promote diversity of thought. “

We’ve been using the Inversion Approach the whole time…. and so can you

“This is our form of the inversion process, inversion thinking.. This is our inversion approach”


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