Why I Love and Hate Diversity & Inclusion Books

I love reading books related to Diversity and Inclusion

Find out why other times I hate it.

Here’s some key messages from this episode:

– Why I think many DEI books are Ghost written

– The Phantom Author I think I encountered

– How DEI authors fill out low content books

Here’s some key takeaways from this episode:

I love learning from books to share with you

“I was always encouraged to read books as a kid, not in a “Read this or else way” But in a read about what you want kind of way”

It’s not always easy 

“Given my bias and preferences, reading these books can be difficult for a number of reasons”

I’m looking for other creative ways to use books to support you

We’re at an all time high in terms of the impact we’re having on everyday leaders. We get messages every week that bring tears to my eyes.”

In every episode you will find:

– A specific question for you to answer

– A challenge for you to consider

– An action for you to take

Here’s some resources so you can go deeper:

There are things that books can’t teach you

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