Why I’m Looking For Other Inclusion Based Podcasts

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that I love a podcast

Now I want your help to tell me about other podcasts that our audience should know about

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re talking about podcasts and inclusion

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • Our values driven approach to podcasting
  • The growth of podcasting as a medium
  • My ongoing commitment to my audience and much more

Here’s some of what we discuss on the show:

I want to promote other podcasts that you may be interested in

 “I decided that I want to make room to tell you about other podcasts related to Diversity and Inclusion; I’m going to review and them and tell you why I think they’re so special. Why.. Because members of this audience tell me that they struggle to find quality content.”

 I want you to help me find other podcasts

 “If I claim to be acting in your best interests, if having a growth mindset is one of our values, if there a loads of podcasts out there. Then perhaps I should be telling you about other podcasts that have value to offer you?”

We’ve got a standard that benefits you

  1. English speaking, that’s because of my own limitations, my command of other languages simply isn’t good enough
  2. Broadly related to Diversity and Inclusion, preferably the workplace
  3. They have to have more than a year’s worth of shows
  4. They have to have a predictable publishing schedule. If they’ve stopped or you as an audience member have no idea of the next show.. that’s not like what we do here


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REPUTATION: Focus on credibility indicators and REPUTATION instead of addressing the problem 

INTERVENTION: Place their hope on a single INTERVENTION

SENSE: Rely on so called common SENSE instead of an evidence based approach 

TIME: Try to address aspects of D&I One at a TIME

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