Why Our Meta Approach To Diversity & Inclusion Is Like No One Else

The word “Meta” is being used a lot in the past week

Some of you have realised that I’ve been taking you on a meta journey to inclusion the whole time

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re talking about Why Our Meta Approach To Inclusion Is Like No One Else

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • The Meta Skills I use to serve you
  • The Meta Approaches we employ for your benefit
  • How I’m already thinking about the Metaverse and much more

Here’s some of what we discuss on the show:

Our meta approach is at the heart of everything we do

“One of the things that distinguishes us here is our prolific and compelling use of a meta-approach”

Our meta approach encourages you to be critical 

“As a regular member of our audience, you already know that here we encourage critical thinking, critical perspectives and then action. So you won’t be surprised to learn that meta narratives and meta approaches are all rooted in critical theory”

Our meta approach distinguishes us from everyone else 

“When we talk about diversity and inclusion narratives, we go meta; We did shows on the propaganda problem of diversity and inclusion, The proxy problem of diversity and inclusion and The performative problem of Diversity and inclusion. These shows are meta-narratives”


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