Why You’re Being Misled By Diversity & Inclusion Research

If you listen to anything or read anything from people talking about Diversity & Inclusion. Chances are you’re being misled by the “research” that they’re using

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re talking why you’re being misled by research that people use to support their claims about Diversity and Inclusion.

This is a devastating problem that nearly everyone ignores and I think it’s because most people don’t know any better

This is the second in a two-part series on how we use information to make decisions about inclusion

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • Some shortcuts you should stop using
  • The attraction of using research as evidence
  • Some people I want you to avoid

Here’s some of what we discuss on the show:

People are making false claims using good research

 “These are false claims, the research doesn’t say what the person claims it says. By the way, these are unforced errors, very easy to check”

 People are masking their Agendas hiding behind research  

 “This is when the agenda matters the research being presented promotes a particular agenda, it may not be the one that you think”

 People are using poor methods and this creates poor research

 “If the methods aren’t right, the result can’t be right either”


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