3 Inclusive Lessons From Stoic Philosophy

People think of Stoicism as a Philosophy, I think of it a practice.

Find out how this informs our approach to Inclusion.


Here’s some key messages from this episode: 

– How to use Stoicism to find actionable answers to Inclusive challenges 

– The practical elements we bake into every episode

– The reason I avoid discussing things you can’t control


Here’s some key takeaways from this episode: 

Discipline of Perception  helps you to think critically 

“I’m not trying to convince you that I’m right. I want you to make your own mind up”

Discipline of Action helps you to use what you learn 

“For us a takeaway is something you can use when you take action.”

Discipline of Will cultivates the will to act 

The whole energy of this podcast is focused on what we can do


In every episode you will find:

– A specific question for you to answer 

– A challenge for you to consider 

– An action for you to take 


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