3 Reasons Why Employee Resource Groups Are Like Websites In The Year 2000

Employee resource groups are JUST like websites in the year 2000

In the year 2000, a lot of people made do without a website,

You wouldn’t want to then and you wouldn’t want to now

Get your pen and paper ready because

I’m going to give you three reasons

why employee resource groups

are just like websites in the year 2000.

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

Employee Resource Groups are important for your credibility

“If your company fits this profile and you don’t have any employee resource groups.

It’s going to be REALLY difficult for anyone to take you seriously when it comes to Inclusion”

Employee Resource Groups have the potential to solve important business problems

“Employee resource groups can directly engage people that are often excluded or marginalised,

they can help to change the culture of the organisation

and in crude terms they can make you millions and save you millions”

Hardly anyone knows how to use Employee Resource Groups effectively

“websites play an essential role in a modern organisation.

That is where we are headed with employee resource groups”

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