3 Reasons Why Your Organisation is Afraid of Your Diversity & Inclusion Data

When it comes to promoting the use of Diversity & Inclusion data, I’m not the only one.

You know what I don’t hear people talking about? The reasons why your organisation is afraid of this data

Get your pen and paper ready because I’m going to give you 3 Reasons Why Your Organisation is Afraid of it’s own Diversity & Inclusion Data

In todays show I discuss several things including:

  • The reasons why your organisation is afraid of Diversity & Inclusion data
  • The dilemma facing leaders regarding Diversity & Inclusion data
  • The hidden problem that Diversity & Inclusion data reveals for top performers and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

Once the data is out there, organisations are forced to act

“Once an organisation has a performance indicator that doesn’t meet acceptable standards, they’re obliged to fix it. Organisations that don’t are telling you that it’s not an important performance indicator”

Some organisations are scared of the truth

 “How would you feel if someone could prove that you were less than a good friend, or that you had serious shortfalls as a parent or you were somehow lacking as a spouse. This would be tough if it was spelled out to you in a way that was hard to wriggle out of.  This is kind of what is happening to organisations when they get their diversity and inclusion data”

Some organisations may be intimidated by the scope of the task

I get it, it can be intimidating and there are a lot of loud voices telling you that it’s not good enough and you need to do better, but this can be scary because you don’t want to do the wrong thing or make it any worse”

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