3 Suggestions to Help You Manage Your Diversity & Inclusion Data

One of the things I encourage organisations to do to on their journey to inclusion is to collect and understand their data

This isn’t as easy as I often make it sound especially when there’s little data

Get your pen and paper ready because I’m going to explain 3 common problems that you experience in your organisation when you first start collecting data.

This is the first in a three part series and this episode was inspired by an article I read in the Harvard Business Review called The Mistake Companies Make When They Use Data to Plan Diversity Efforts

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • 3 common problems that you’re going to get when you first start collecting data
  • Popular myths used to undermine your data collection efforts
  • Why Small Data matters more than you think

Here’s some of what I share in the show

Be willing to make claims based on small numbers

“The point I’m trying to make here without getting too technical is that when we’re talking about small populations, small numbers have a greater meaning.. This is the point that was made in the article”

Dig deeper into the data

“Small numbers are the perfect opportunity for gathering interview-based data”

Don’t settle for small numbers

“We need to start getting bigger numbers to start getting more insights and a greater understanding of the organisation. These will also be indicative of addressing some of the biggest problems that organisations experience when they become inclusive which is engaging people they want to include and creating a culture of inclusion”


The Mistake Companies Make When They Use Data to Plan Diversity Efforts

The Elements of Inclusion #4