3 Things To Consider Before You Implement A Diversity Management Strategy

You’ve decided that Diversity is important 

Find out what you need to consider before you implement a Diversity Management Strategy


Here’s some key messages from this episode:

– How Implementation Gaps emerge 

– The importance of normative statements as part of your Strategy 

– The 3 Features of this model most will ignore 


Here’s some key takeaways from this episode:

Organisations have an Implementation Gap For Diversity Management 

Often the implementation gap described in the paper is because organisations have a big dream”

Most people focus on Implementation steps without understanding the context 

Most people would read this paper and only focus on that 3 level, 8 step process. That would be a mistake”

It’s ok to make value judgements about Diversity and Inclusion 

you’re talking about the way you think things should be, as opposed to the way they are. This often involves value judgements”


In every episode you will find:

– A specific question for you to answer

– A challenge for you to consider

– An action for you to take


Here’s some resources so you can go deeper:  

Diversity challenge: An integrated process to bridge the ‘implementation gap


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