A Supply Side Solution to Diversity and Inclusion

You often hear a lot of talk about supply side problems to Diversity and Inclusion

It’s not our fault, it’s our suppliers, it’s our pipeline!

What if you could switch it around? What if instead of supply side problem, you created a supply side solution to Diversity and Inclusion?

Get your pen and paper ready because I’m going to share three thoughts about why you may be sitting on a supply side solution to Diversity and Inclusion and you may not even know it!

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • How Big Business can influence Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace
  • Why smaller businesses care less about Diversity & Inclusion
  • How Supply Chain Management can Accelerate Inclusive practices

Supply Side Solutions create a business case for Diversity

“It would establish diversity as a way of doing business. This moves from being a nice to have to a business critical task.”

Supply Side Solutions democratise Diversity and Inclusion issues in the workplace

“Diversity and Inclusion appears to be an issue for big business. But most people don’t work for a global corporation. If you listen to this show, at times you’ll be forgiven for thinking that I’m speaking only to those organisations. That’s not my intention”

Supply Side Solutions require standards to be maintained

“It’s incumbent on the organisation calling the shots to maintain standards themselves.  It’s going to be difficult to disqualify your suppliers for not meeting particular diversity and inclusion related criteria if as an organisation if you’re not meeting them yourselves”


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