An Inclusion Reboot: Element of Inclusion Podcast is 3 Years Old

On May 23rd the Element of Inclusion podcast was 3 years old

Next week is episode 150!

That makes us veterans in this space

We couldn’t do this without your support

But we’re only just getting started

Get your pen and paper ready because it’s our birthday and this means instead of receiving gifts, we going to give a gift

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • Our Origin Story
  • Our Ongoing Mission
  • Our gratitude for all the support we receive

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

Element of Inclusion Podcast is 3 Years Old

3 years of informing and educating using applied research and thought leadership

3 years of encouraging you to develop an inclusive workplace

3 years of supporting you on your inclusion journey.”

We are still on a mission to help a million people like you

“most of our episodes are around 10 mins long, designed to stop you making mistakes; it amplifies what you’re already doing”

On 2nd June we’re going to show how to use this resource

on 2nd June I’m going to show you

*how to use the podcast to create inclusion where you work 

*how people like you already use the podcast to create change 

*other surprises and announcements

You’re not going to want to miss this one!”


The Elements of Inclusion #4