An Inclusion System Reset

This is Episode 150!

We’ve come a long way but there’s still a long way to go to create inclusion

Get your pen and paper ready because it’s episode 150 and we’re just getting started

The Frustrations of 2020

“This past week has been frustrating because I’ve been reminded that things haven’t changed as much as I would like to think. Like many of you I’ve had a hard time with what continues to happen in the US.  Black men being killed by the police; black people experiencing prejudice and disadvantage in every aspect of their lives.  We just got a brief glimpse with Amy Cooper and George Floyd but these aren’t isolated incidents”

Empty Narratives

“I’ve also been frustrated by diversity and Inclusion specialists/experts who still don’t talk about racism in a meaningful way. Still focused on individual acts of prejudice instead of considering the larger systemic issues”

A System Approach

“To make meaning of this, it’s useful to think of systems of inequality that produce and reproduce outcomes and not just focus on individual acts of prejudice.

This creates predictable results depending on where you are in the hierarchy”


White Fragility

Cornell West CNN Segment

The Elements of Inclusion #4