Why Authenticity Truly Matters When Creating An Inclusive Workplace [Interview with Antoinette Boateng]

Antoinette Boateng is a Global Inclusion Specialist and a 20 year veteran of the “people” space. 

Find out about true authenticity from someone who lives and breathes it. 

Here are some key messages from this episode: 

  • The reasons why Diversity & Inclusion being a “small world” causes problems
  • The importance of authenticity to Antoinette’s work
  • Why ethnic based employee resource groups are not supported as much as gender based groups 

Here are some key takeaways from this episode: 

The Need for New Voices in Diversity & Inclusion

“Inclusion is a small crowd and that’s part of the problem”

The Need for a More Intersectional Approach to Diversity

“It’s not a diverse group of people who are winning, I just think we have to look a lot more at intersectionality when we talk about gender interventions”

Good Position vs. Good Role Model

“People being positioned well in an organisation to effect change is very different to a person being a role model, and I find that I see consistently people making that mistake”

Here are some resources so you can go deeper:  

Antoinette Boateng on Linkedin

The 30 Per Cent Club

The McGregor Smith Review

The Parker Review

The Davies report

The Equality Act (2010) Gender Pay Gap Information

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