How To Challenge Perceptions and Maximise the Potential of Black Women in the UK Workplace [Book Review]

Is anyone in your office a Trusted Black Girl?

Today I’m reviewing a book that explains what this means and why you this matters to you

In todays show I discuss several things including:

  • My enthusiasm about this book
  • How this book moves beyond intersectional rhetoric
  • The hidden experiences the book reveals and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

The Trusted Black Girl Is One Of 8 Archetypes Developed To Explore The Complex Lived Experiences Of Black Women

I describe how the book explores the nuances of black female experience in the workplace:

“I thought the book was about the concept of The Trusted Black Girl but in this section you quickly realise that it’s just one of 8 concepts explored in the book , I won’t list them here but others include the Angry Black girl which you may have expected to find, but others include the Not Black Girl and the ? Black girl which I think you’ll enjoy reading about”

Black Women are invisible for positive things and hyper visible for negative things

I discuss how the unique black female experience regarding colleagues and leaders:

“Black women seem to be invisible when it comes to career progression, opportunities and development. But visible when it comes to physical appearance, discretional effort and personal responsibility”

Mainstream research and diversity and inclusion narratives largely ignore Black Female experiences

I talk about how the black female experience has been ignored by the mainstream:

“The book is important because it shines a light where I think the mainstream diversity narrative conveniently ignores.”


Roianne Nedd The Trusted Black Girl

Trusted Black Girl: Challenging Perceptions and Maximising the Potential of Black Women in the UK Workplace.

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