Can you become a Diversity Expert By Reading 3 Books?

Is it possible to become an expert by reading 3 books?

Find out why I think it’s happening in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space.

Here’s some key messages from this episode:

– Why expertise is but it’s nature exclusive

– How to become a 3 Book Diversity Expert

– Why I have mixed feelings about 3 Book experts

Here’s some key takeaways from this episode:

1/3 of people I asked thought it was possible to be an expert by reading 3 books

“In a 21st century media driven context it’s possible for people to become experts by reading 3 books. Maybe the poll was right ”

Experts in the Diversity and Inclusion space are following this model

“I think people are becoming Diversity experts by reading 3 books. Maybe it’s 5 books, maybe it’s 10 books. My point is.. it’s a light touch”

Expertise indicates inequality in more ways than you think

““Expert” in this context means being a few steps ahead of the audience. Sometimes that’s ok”

In every episode you will find:

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– A challenge for you to consider

– An action for you to take

Here’s some resources so you can go deeper:

Have you ever heard of The 3 Books Rule?

The 3 Book Rule to Become An Expert

The Four Hour Work Week

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