The Inclusion Dilemma Facing Hiring Managers That No One Talks About [Interview with Cynthia Davis] 

Cynthia Davis is the Founder and CEO of BAME Recruitment. She has 20+ years of experience working in industry.

In this rare interview she shares her considerable experience with us.


Here’s some key messages from this episode:

– The tactics used by recruiters to place candidates in front of hiring managers

– The Dilemma facing recruiters who wish to promote Diversity & Inclusion

– The real reason why Cynthia named her organisation BAME Recruitment

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Here’s some key takeaways from this episode:

Recruiters Respond to Strong Incentives

“They’re too eager to please the clients, to get the businesss, they don’t feel comfortable challenging them”

Talent is not Always Enough

“The talent is essential to have… sometimes talent is not always enough”

You are Going to Stand Out

“People remembered my name for the right reasons, because I had nowhere to hide, if I did something bad, they would always remember me because there’s only one of me…”

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Cynthia Davis Linkedin

BAME Recruitment

We are the City Rising Star

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