Diversity Pay Gaps: The Explanation You Need To Understand

Diversity Pay Gaps are discussed at length but not enough people talk about the cause. Keep listening to hear me explain a major cause of diversity pay gaps.

Get your pen and paper ready because I’m going to highlight two major causes of diversity pay gaps

This is important because despite all the talk ,  not enough is said about why they happen. This is going to give you a clue about how they actually show up I’m going to explain this by talking about horizontal occupational segregation and vertical occupational segregation

In todays show I discuss several things including:

  • A major cause of diversity pay gaps
  • Why understanding occupational segregation is important
  • Two types of occupational segregation and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

Horizontal occupational segregation points towards differences between occupations

“It’s a bit rough and ready but can you see the point I’m making.  These are examples of horizontal occupational segregation. Different groups clustered around different jobs”

Vertical occupational segregation points towards differences within a hierarchy

“This underrepresentation is an example of vertical occupational segregation

The segregation takes place within a hierarchy”

Both point towards systematic disadvantage

“These pay gaps are real, the more data we get, the more we’re going to point towards these deep rooted issues”

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