Element of Inclusion Podcast 4th Birthday Episode

On May 23rd the Element of Inclusion podcast was 4 years old

Next week is episode 200!

This week is about recognising how far we’ve come together even when it’s not easy

Get your pen and paper ready because it’s our birthday and this time of year means that we give even more than normal

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • Why I continued even when it wasn’t convenient
  • What this podcast isn’t trying to do
  • Why you should come to our Birthday Event and much more

I’m trying to build a relationship with you

“I’m preparing to make a big contribution and there’s a way for you to play an active role”

The primary purpose of this podcast is to help you to make your workplace inclusive

“The primary purpose of this podcast is not to enhance my social network with guests who I want to turn into clients

The primary purpose of this podcast is not to generate leads for my business

The primary purpose of this podcast is not to raise my profile and my status”

Join us on 9th June to learn how together we can go further

“join our group, element of inclusion Community and you’ll find all the details there. It’s the only place we’ll be sharing the details”


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