How Inclusive Leadership Addresses The Crisis With Traditional Leadership Models [Interview with Thais Compoint]

There’s a crisis with the traditional leadership models and approaches used within organisations.

Today, you’re going to learn why inclusive leadership is so important for the future of our organisations

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • Why you need to understand the crisis with traditional leadership models
  • How Inclusive leaders create psychological safety
  • The importance of local context for Inclusive Leaders and much much more

 Here’s some of what we discuss in the show:

The Crisis with Traditional Leadership Models

Thais explains how existing leadership models are failing to create inclusive workplaces:

“there is something that we are getting wrong when it comes to leading people, to managing people”

 How Inclusive Leaders Create Psychological Safety

Thais discusses the relationship between Inclusive Leadership and Psychological Safety:

“To me, psychological safety is another way to describe inclusion, it’s when people feel really interested and free to voice their opinions”

The Importance of Local Context for Inclusive Leaders

Thais explains how local contexts inform Inclusive Leadership behaviours:

“I really like the Glocal approach, having a global framework and letting people adapt and interpret things locally”


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