Here’s When Diversity Networks Don’t Create Equality [Research Breakdown]

Every week I talk about how useful employee resource groups are AND how important research is. Well a recent study argues that the benefits of diversity networks remain questionable.

What if I’ve got it all wrong?

Today you’re going to find out the truth.

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

 I Agree With The Findings Of The Paper

I explain why I agree with the findings of the research:

I agree with a lot of what the paper says, in fact, as a regular listener of the show you’re going to agree with a lot of what the paper says because any of you who actually read the paper are going to quickly realize that the findings are in line with what we talk about here week in and week out”

Why Our View Of Employee Resource Groups Is Broader Than Theirs

I discuss why our definition of employee resource groups allows us to engage a larger group of people

“Our focus here is much broader which is why our approach allows us to engage a greater number of people, allies. Their approach is likely to engage only people from those social identity groups”

My Concerns With Their Use Of The Word Network

I explain the consequences of assuming that networks and employee resource groups are the same thing

“I’ve joked about this in the past, especially with previous guests, you know I prefer not to use the term network because it draws too much attention to social networking. This paper perfectly illustrates this point”


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