The Diversity & Inclusion Advice No One Will Give You

Recorded on an iPhone, this is the pilot episode of the show.

Find out why I started my mission to help a million people like you to make your workplace more inclusive.

Here are some key messages from this episode:

  • The 3 Biggest Problems organisations experience on their Inclusion Journey
  • Why the “Business Case for Diversity” is an issue
  • Why this podcast is not for everyone

Here are some key takeaways from this episode:

Organisations are not prepared for the future changes required

“Copying and pasting what others are doing may not work for you or your company.”

Combine Theory and Practice

“Theory is important, I’ve developed theory myself, but I’m really interested in making an impact. That’s why I created this podcast”

Employee resource groups are a missing piece of the puzzle

“Employee resource groups are like websites in the year 2000. Everyone thinks they know what they are and few are using them properly”

Here are some resources so you can go deeper:

Crafting an identity: an examination of the lived experiences of minority racial and ethnic individuals in the workplace

The Equality Act (2010) Gender Pay Gap Information

The McGregor Smith Review

The Parker Review

The Davies report

White men ‘endangered species’ in UK boardrooms, says Tesco chairman

Mckinsey report: Why Diversity Matters

The Business Case for Equality and Diversity: A survey of the academic literature

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The Elements of Inclusion #4