How Nielsen Creates An Inclusive Culture Using Employee Resource Groups [Interview with Portia McCahill & Petra Tileschova]

Portia McCahill and Petra Tileschova launched their employee resource group MOSAIC in Media Research Company Nielsen

Find out about how to create an impact on the culture of a business. 

Here are some key messages from this episode: 

  • The underlying reason for creating MOSAIC
  • The social experiment Petra used to test the UK job market
  • How they plan to use employee resource groups to embed new starters

Here are some key takeaways from this episode: 

The culture of an organisation is crucial for creating inclusive change

“We don’t have to start from scratch because it’s something we already have as a mentality, as a culture as a part of the company…”

Art can be used to foster inclusivity

“We have 57 different nationalities based her in our UK office, so we decided to visualise that and place a flag representing each different country of origin of everyone.”

Authentic personal stories can be powerful for revealing different experiences in the workplace

“The job I looked at as Petra was still available 3 months later, and then I thought I’m going to make a little experiment… so I created Victoria Smith..”

Here are some resources so you can go deeper:  

Media Research Company Nielsen


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