The 30 Per Cent Club: How It Transformed Diversity & Inclusion in the UK Forever [Interview with Melanie Richards]

Melanie Richards is a Founder Member of the 30 Per Cent Club Steering Committee.

Find out why she’s a prominent leader in Gender Equality in the UK. 

Here are some key messages from this episode: 

  • How the 30 Per cent Club benefitted from a “Happy Coincidence” 
  • The importance of targets to increase Diversity within the workplace
  • The potential of employee resource groups to drive change in an organisation 

Here are some key takeaways from this episode: 

The difference between Targets and Quotas 

“People get very confused, when I advocate the need to publish targets, people think you’re talking about quotas.”

Voluntary Business Led Change

“We can’t diminish the role of government in continuing to shine a light on it and hold people to account in a constructive collaborative way” 

A Data Driven Approach

“I think the benefit of data is that it helps you to unpick the why

Here are some resources so you can go deeper:  

The 30 Per Cent Club

The McGregor Smith Review

The Parker Review

The Davies report

The Equality Act (2010) Gender Pay Gap Information

KPMG sets diversity targets across gender, race, disability and sexual orientation

Crafting an identity: an examination of the lived experiences of minority racial and ethnic individuals in the workplace

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