The 3 Types Of Employee Resource Group You Need to Understand To Create Inclusion

What type of employee resource group do you actually have? If you don’t know, you could be wasting a lot of time and resources doing the wrong thing.

Today, you’re going to find out why this knowledge is crucial for your success on your inclusion journey

In todays show I discuss several things including:

  • 3 different types of employee resource groups that you need to know about if you want to have effective, productive resource groups.
  • The type of resource group that score highest for having “fun” as a reason for joining
  • The most common type of resource group and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

Starting An Employee Resource Group is Not Enough

I explain why starting a resource group isn’t enough to claim to be inclusive:

It’s not enough to just start a group and think that you’re part of an inclusive organisation. This is crucial because your core activities, strategies and desired outcomes should be in line with your specific type of resource group that have.”

Common Employee Resource Group Types

I highlight a type of group that is so common that is synonymous with the term employee resource group

“This group is so common, that people immediately assume that if you create an erg it has to be one of these.”

Intersectionality With A Different Approach

I reintroduce Intersectionality in an unusual context:

We can go further by taking an intersectional approach to a whole new level and I’ve seen this work well”


ERG Functions

Making the Business Case for Employee Resource Groups

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