The Missing Character Of Diversity and Inclusion Work

There’s a reason why people think diversity and Inclusion interventions don’t work

There’s a reason why people are comfortable describing diversity and Inclusion as a tick box exercise

There’s a missing character in Diversity and Inclusion Work

Get your pen and paper ready because I’m going to discuss some of the fundamental reasons why diversity and Inclusion isn’t effective and the missing character that we need.

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • Why people think Diversity & Inclusion interventions don’t work
  • Why people are comfortable describing Diversity & Inclusion as a tick box exercise
  • What’s missing from Diversity & Inclusion and much more

Organisations that focus on Community and Compliance make limited progress

“The result can often be an empty shell policy, we talked about this in a previous show, it’s a term used by Professor Hoque and Noon to describe equal opportunity policies that aren’t genuine, policies that are in place, but aren’t in practice. Policies that aren’t having the outcomes claimed”

Not enough organisations focus on Competence and Character

“After the event, one of the organisers Ken said he liked the conversation because there’s a lot of focus on competence but there’s not enough on character and that struck me”

The Character of an organisation influences our relationship with it

“I want to tell you about a game I play whenever I come into contact into an organisation. I look at their behaviour and the values that are demonstrated and I ask: Would I be friends with that person? “


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