The Performance of Self In Everyday Life  [Book Review]

When it comes to work, we all perform, we all wear masks

some people like me use props

We’re all concerned with managing the impression we make

That’s the view of the author of the ground-breaking book that I’m discussing in this week’s show

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re reviewing ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’ by Erving Goffman

This book is a classic it’s one of the most important books that you’ve never read because it explains so much about how you behave at work

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • How we manage the way that we are perceived by others
  • How marginalised groups manage the way others see them in the workplace
  • The amorality of impression management and much more

People are motivated to control the impression they make on others

“when an individual appears before others, that individual will have many motivates for trying to control the impression they receive of the situation”

In order to influence others we perform

“Performance is described as “all the activity of an individual which occurs during a period marked by his continuous presence before a particular set of observers””

How you view your performance matters

“Another way to think about it is does our performance act in the best interests of the audience. It’s assumed that we benefit personally but does the audience benefit?”


Erving Goffman

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

My PhD Thesis

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