The Triple Package: What Really Determines Success [Book Review]

The term “model minority” is used to describe minority groups that are considered to be more successful than the average person.

In this show I’m reviewing a book that claims to identify the traits that determine success.

Get your pen and paper ready because I’m going to explain why some minority groups are able to outperform the average person when it comes to socioeconomic success.

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • How The Formula For Success Can Be Acquired Or Lost
  • The Double-Edged Sword Of Success and much much more:

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

The First Triple Package Trait Is A Superiority Complex

“This was fascinating to read because each of these groups didn’t think they were the same as everyone else. They thought they were better”

The Second Triple Package Trait Is Insecurity

“How can you have a superiority complex and be insecure at the same time? How can you need both to be successful? For clarity, the sense of insecurity wasn’t one that was inherent in individuals but a perception based on current circumstances of historical experience.

The Third Triple Package Trait Is Impulse Control

“When reading this, I thought of a famous study and then as if they read my mind, the authors cited this study!”


Book: The Triple Package: What Really Determines Success 

Amy Chua

Jed Rubenfeld

The Elements of Inclusion #4