What If Workplace Diversity Is A Scam?

What is Diversity is just a scam, another fad to waste our time and our money

What if we’ve got all wrong?

Get your pen and paper ready because before we talk about if Diversity is a scam I think it’s time we talked about a phenomenon that I’ve observed on social media, especially Linkedin that I think is starting to cause more harm than good when it comes to creating an inclusive workplace.

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • The phenomenon undermining our goal of an inclusive workplace
  • The reasons why Diversity looks like a ‘scam’
  • How you can avoid making Diversity look like a ‘scam’

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

Poorly conceived strategies make Diversity look like a ‘scam’

“we agree, with the article so far but this doesn’t sound like a scam it sounds like a poorly executed priority, we discuss this each and every week” 

People who use phrases like “identity politics” may think Diversity is a ‘scam’

“if you believe that corporate HR departments have been hijacked by the identitarian Left in an attempt to implement the ideology of academic identity politics” then it’s likely that you will think it’s a scam”

Think carefully about how and why we share information

“we’ve all done it, in an attempt to be helpful we share articles that we’ve come across. The problem is, a lot of us read the title, share the article without properly reading the content”


What If Workplace Diversity Is The Biggest ‘Scam’ Yet

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The Elements of Inclusion #4

Leaders must collaborate innovatively to leverage cultural expertise and drive business performance.

  • Why inclusive outcomes are driven by innovation
  • How developing a business case for diversity and inclusion specific to your organisation is a competitive advantage
  • Why novelty is at the heart of your inclusion journey

The Elements of Inclusion #3

Leaders must establish systems to ensure that everyone shares the same advantages and benefits. These processes will create incentives for inclusive behaviours.

  • How to augment your team with the tools and insights they need to prevent structural disadvantage
  • Why reinforcing generative norms ensures everyone belongs in the organisation
  • How inclusive representations can be embedded to promote an inclusive culture

The Elements of Inclusion #2

Leaders must redefine career development relationships to support inclusive performance.
  • Why traditional mentor relationships must be revised for an inclusive workplace
  • How leaders must embrace networks of developmental relationships for individual growth
  • Why established workplace norms must evolve for inclusion in the modern workplace

The Elements of Inclusion #1

Leaders must properly socialise people and socialise inclusive ideas by providing an environment for the cultural learning needed for an active role in an inclusive organisation

  • How your socialisation processes must evolve to encourage the sustainable cultivation of inclusive competencies
  • Why Leaders must consistently negotiate the line between organisational commitment and personal authenticity to promote performance
  • How developing intersectional self awareness can help leaders to leverage individual employee experiences