Why Collisions May Be The Secret to Creating Inclusion

What if the secret to creating inclusion wasn’t bringing everyone together to be comfortable

What if the secret to creating inclusion was to bring everyone together to collide?

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re going to be talking about collision theory and employee resource groups. I know, sometimes it sounds like I just make this stuff up but I don’t.

Every week, we inform and educate using applied research and thought leaderships and this week is no exception

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • How you can use Collision Theory to drive inclusion
  • How resource groups can create the energy you need
  • Why bursts of energy can cause catastrophe or advancement and much more

Employee resource groups increase energy in individual members

“resource groups give people confidence; helps people to develop as leaders but it also boosts the energy of individual members compared to people who aren’t members”

 Personal energy can be used to create collisions

“The energy is deemed to be essential to being able to successfully handle individual collisions with people different from you”

Collisions may lead to changes in behaviour and release more energy

“collisions release energy, and it’s the ability to use that energy to work together to create something bigger than themselves that helps organizations meet their inclusion goals”


The Collision Theory of Employee Resource Groups

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