Why Relying On A One Off Intervention Is An Inclusion Mistake

Implementing a massive diversity push in the form of one-off training or an event is stopping you from become inclusive

In today’s show I discuss several things including:

  • The typical go to response for companies that experience an incident related to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Why incremental change is so important
  • Why changing as individuals is not enough to create Inclusion and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

One Off Interventions are less likely to engage people in a meaningful way

“it’s the employees who get to see the truth, they get to see if the words and actions match up. They’re the ones you really need to buy into the narrative”

One Off Interventions are not as effective as programmes of change

“one off interventions have a smaller effect on attitudes, a smaller effect on how people feel and a smaller effect on behavioural learning compared to interventions that are part of a longer programme of change”

One Off Interventions won’t change systems of disadvantage

“It’s not always about individual behaviour, it’s about a system that reproduces existing norms and one-off interventions don’t solve that”

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