Why Using the Term “Minority Groups” Is A Problem For Diversity

The term minority, ethnic minority, racial minority and even minority groups are used a lot around Diversity & Inclusion. You have no idea how completely inappropriate these terms are about to become.

Today, you’re going to find out why the term minority groups is about to become dated

In todays show I discuss several things including:

  • Why the generic use of the term “minority” needs to be revisited
  • The reason why the term “minority” can be misleading and inappropriate.
  • How the use of the term “minority” is going to evolve into the future and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

The Importance of Context

I explain how the context of the “minority” groups influences the way they are viewed

“Let’s be clear, I use the term minority in several ways that are convenient for me because I’m talking about particular groups in a particular context. Even though I’m talking about the workplace, I don’t pretend that I’m talking about the global economy all of the time”

The Importance of Power

I discuss how a groups relationship with power influences the way they perceive themselves

“I’ve interviewed people who are black, people who are Chinese who said that they didn’t consider themselves to be an ethnic minority because ethnic minorities are victims”

The Importance of a 21st Century approach

I discuss how the modern economy influences the modern workplace and how this redefines the term “minority”

“A lens that places the West at the centre of the universe is simply going to be less useful in the 21st Century, a truly global view would therefore recognise that so called minority groups such as Africans and Asians in a Western lens are actually part of a majority group when viewed through a global lens.”


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