Why You Don’t Need Permission For your Inclusion Journey

You don’t need anyone’s permission to start contributing to Inclusion right now

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re talking about why you don’t need anyone’s permission to take the next logical step on your Inclusion Journey

In today’s show we discuss several things including:

  • The consistent “failures” I’ve had
  • Some milestones you can use in your life
  • Why there’s so much room for you to manoeuvre and much more

Here’s some of what we discuss on the show:

Don’t worry about no one listening

“When I did check I found that there were weeks where no one listened to the show. Zero.. Nada.. nothing.. “

Don’t worry about people not liking you

“There are Inclusion Celebrities who spend a lot of time and get paid a lot of money to say things that you and I know are not true. They don’t like this podcast. They don’t like me.”

Don’t worry about big voices, you are the big voice

You should be starting to notice there’s not many people left. There’s not many people sharing their own informed opinions to help others. If this is what you want to do. There is plenty of room for you”


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