Inclusion Made Simple: How I Am Already Supporting Your Diversity Goals

I’ve finally launched our Youtube Channel this week!

It’s the next phase of my mission and I thought it was important in order to help a million people like you to make your workplace more inclusive.
If you type “Diversity & Inclusion” into YouTube you will find a lot of corporate videos and some TED Talks.

Well ALL of that is about to change… and I’m going to tell you why

Get your pen and paper ready because in this video you’re going to learn the 3 reasons why I’m providing you with resources to help you to reach your goals.

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

I’ve got a PhD in your problems 

I understand the science behind what makes organisations inclusive because I’ve spent years studying these principles in organisations all over the world”

I’ve already created stuff that you can use for free right now

“I’m the host of the Resource Groups Podcast where every week I interview world-class experts, I break down cutting edge research, I review books you should read be reading”

We want the same thing

“I know that you want an inclusive workplace and you want to do something to make that happen”

I hope you enjoy the video, please share it with anyone that you think would benefit

The Elements of Inclusion #4