The 3 Important Patterns That Reveal Why Employee Resource Groups Are The Key To Developing An Inclusive Workplace

In simple terms, this means I’ll be speaking with people from a variety of disciplines trying to connect the dots in terms of their best practices, habits and other important pieces of information that you can apply in your organisation.

This week the podcast is 6 months old, this is a genuine milestone for me so in todays show I’m going to discuss several things including

  • The three important patterns that my guests keep highlighting about employee resource groups
  • Some observations about the last six months of the podcast
  • Some announcements and much much more.

People, Potential and Performance

I describe how employee resource groups address the 3 biggest problems that organisations experience when trying to become more inclusive and how my guests speak to this:

“Over the past 6 months, every single guest has spoken to one at least one of the 3 P’s, providing more evidence about the importance of employee resource groups.”

The Future of Employee Resource Groups

I describe how employee resource groups are like websites in the year 2000 and what this means for organisations:

“I see them the way I see websites in the year 2000. In the year 2000 everyone knew what a website was but not everyone understood how to use them properly. Some companies just used them as a fancy business card. Fast-forward to today and websites play an essential role in a modern business. This is where I see the future of employee resource groups in the workplace and this podcast has a role to play”

The Importance of Learning and Academic Rigour

I describe how learning is a motivation for me and how I’m working to provide you with something valuable to use in your organisations.

“Learning is a massive motivation for me, I work with some incredible institutions, including the London School of Economics, Judge Business School at Cambridge University and I want to bring academic rigour, combine it with my professional expertise to provide you with something that’s going to be helpful in your organisations.”

Show notes

Here are some selected links to for the resources and reports I discuss in the episode.

Michael Collins: Managing Inclusion in one of the Most Diverse Cities in the World

Dr Richard Norrie: Understanding the Two Sides of Diversity

Jennifer Brown: Inclusion, Allies & the Will to Change

Fernando Serpa: Employee Resource Groups: Awards, Communities & Evolution

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