The Lonely Life of A Diversity and Inclusion Leader

There’s a lot of talk about lived experiences and sharing authentic stories but there’s one experience that no seems to be bothered about and that’s the lived experience of a Diversity and Inclusion Leader.

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

There are huge knowledge gaps around what they do

“There’s three aspects to discuss here. The first is you.. your knowledge gap..  the reality is as Diversity and Inclusion Leader you’re probably not a subject matter expert and you know what.. you don’t need to be”

They quickly learn the truth about the companies Diversity Promise and it may not be nice

“If you’re a Diversity and Inclusion leader and you got into this to create change, then false diversity promises affect your day to day work; it affects your ability to do the job that you intended to do”

They can cause tension between them and HR

“But the inconvenient truth is that an effective D&I leader can and often will experience tension with HR”

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