Why I Avoid Debates About Diversity and Inclusion

How many times this year have you got into debates about diversity and Inclusion?  For me the answer is really simple… zero

Get your pen and paper ready because we’re going to be talking about why I don’t really get into debates about Diversity and Inclusion

This was inspired by a question that I’ve received in our Linkedin group the Element of Inclusion Community based on last week’s show

In todays show we discuss several things including:

  • Why I avoid debates about inclusion
  • Why a debate may be framed for disaster
  • How this podcast helps you to address inclusion questions and much more

 Debates can set you up to create conflict

“Most of the time, a debate is presented as a form of regulated conflict where someone wins the debate and someone loses the debate”

Avoid false conflict when talking about inclusion

“We give provide you with information so you can think critically to make your own mind up. As much as possible I try and point out my own bias so you can take that into account too”

Inform, educate but also listen

When we meet people whose values aren’t aligned with ours, we still try to inform and educate if they want to listen, because we’re likely to learn something from them, if we want to listen”


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