The Reason Our Inclusive Community Is So Important [1st Year Birthday Show]

Today is a special day because it’s our birthday! This week marks the first anniversary of the Resource Groups Podcast.

In todays show I discuss several things including:

  • My personal gratitude for your support over the past year
  • The reason why our global community is so important
  • How we are going to rebrand, expand and much much more

Here’s some of what I share in the show:

I genuinely believe in what we’re doing here:

I describe how the work we do on the Resource Groups Podcast is aligned with my own beliefs:

Earlier this year, I was having a deep conversation with someone close to me and she asked me about my values and beliefs in the context of work. I said that I believe that people are the most important part of a business and that everyone should be allowed to reach their potential within the workplace. She said, yeh come on that’s what it says on your website and your podcast and I said yeh. I’m not pretending, It’s not a sound byte to me. I actually believe this stuff!!”

Why this Podcast isn’t for Everyone

I explain why our approach means that this podcast is not intended for everyone:

“Here’s the thing. We talk about theory here, but we also talk about action. We’re practical and we’re pragmatic. Some of what we say here isn’t convenient, even for people who support inclusion at work”

We are part of a global community

I explain how we are part of a growing community of individuals with shared values:

“I’m personally committed to making a contribution to a global community of individuals who are working towards changing the workplace through inclusive practices. It may not have occurred to you but if you’re listening to this then you’re part of this community too. And it’s real I’ve met people all over the world who share our values and ideas”

If you want a quick snapshot of what the episode is about, I’ve created some slides that you may find interesting 

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