The 3 Ways I Am Fighting To Help You Create An Inclusive Workplace

I’ve hit a milestone in my Inclusion Journey. 

Find out my secret goal.

Here’s some key messages from this episode: 

  • The journey I’m experiencing as part of the podcast
  • The 3 primary roles of the podcast
  • My Grand Vision 

In every episode you will find: 

  • A specific question for you to answer 
  • A challenge for you to consider 
  • An action for you to take 

Did you find them in this episode? 


Here’s some key takeaways from this episode: 

The quality of the guests are what makes the show special

“I think it’s indicative of the quality of the guests that I’ve had on the show and the incredible value that they provide each and every week’

I’ve offended some people with a long running joke!

“The truth is I’ve found that this distinction has offended some people…..”

My Vision for the future 

“employee resource groups are like websites in the year 2000”

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Here’s some resources so you can go deeper:  

Kevin Kelly: 1000 True Fans

Malcom Gladwell: The Tipping Point

Use this for your own development


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The Elements of Inclusion #4